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Please Excuse the mess!


An Unexpected Journey

Over the past year, as things on Nerdlocker started to wind down, I have been racking my brain on what to do with the site. I love Nerdlocker. For 16 years it has been a place for me to fulfill my childhood dream of being able to talk about SciFi movies and comics. But as I mentioned before, life often gets in the way. So how does Nerdlocker still operate in this nerdy world that we all love, provide a service to that same community, and make it practical for those who have to “adult” all the time?
Stay Tuned!  

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The Nerdlocker Room!

Yes, I know the name is creative as hell but we just wanted to let you guys know what we are up to as we go down this new and exciting path). Find out more about new products, people, and culture.  

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