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The Nerdlocker Room!

Yes, I know the name is creative as hell but we just wanted to let you guys know what we are up to as we go down this new and exciting path). Find out more about new products, people, and culture.  

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Please Excuse the mess!


An Unexpected Journey

Over the past year, as things on Nerdlocker started to wind down, I have been racking my brain on what to do with the site. I love Nerdlocker. For 16 years it has been a place for me to fulfill my childhood dream of being able to talk about SciFi movies and comics. But as I mentioned before, life often gets in the way. So how does Nerdlocker still operate in this nerdy world that we all love, provide a service to that same community, and make it practical for those who have to “adult” all the time?

The solution recently came to me while dusting off my small but respectable Funko POP collection. What if we took the Nerdlocker name and catchphrase literally? What if we made Nerd-lockers (or displays) as “a place for your inner nerd”? It made sense. We nerds collect A LOT of stuff like artist prints, posters, toys, figures, or build starship models and a lot more. But are forced to DIY displays, convert bookcases to fit our needs, hunt for picture frames, or look for lighting solutions. So, what if Nerdlocker became that place for our community to find cool storage solutions for us nerds? Armed with my pencil, and paper, my background in mechanics, consumer electronics manufacturing, and some product design knowledge, I am off to design solutions for nerds like myself. Stay Tuned!  


Why are we doing this?

Building a new path...

While working on both the website and researching which awesome products to offer, we would love your feedback! We realize that not everybody has the space or the lighting to display their collections in the way they want. It was one of the main reasons we decided to go this route. Our mission and goal are to develop solutions for collectors that utilize available space and lighting while providing dust protection whenever possible. So let us know what problems you are facing as a collector and maybe together we can come up with solutions that help others like you. 

Drop us a line & let us know how we can help!

As we mentioned before we can not do this without your help. Let us know what issues or challenges you face as a collector. Fill out the survey, let us know what we can do to help you build an awesome collection, and join us on this new exciting journey as we develop a new place for your inner nerd! 

  • What do you like to collect?
  • What are the major challenges you face as a collector?
  • What is the one THING you wish you had to improve your collection?